Trent Upholstery for new furniture, chairs and sofas in Nottingham

New furniture in Nottingham

A comfy sofa, suite or armchair is a real must, but finding one that fits you perfectly can be pretty difficult. After all, everyone is different and what feels really relaxing to one person could be completely wrong for another.

The good news is, you can now have your next sofa or chair completely tailored to fit your body – and it’s really easy to do. At Trent Upholsteries we’ve been making beautiful furniture in our Nottingham workshop for over 50 years.

So, whether you’re tall, petite, suffering from a bad back or just tired of searching for something that feels right, why not let our friendly team help you sit a whole lot more comfortably?

The tailoring doesn’t stop there

We know there’s more to settling on your ideal chair or sofa than getting its dimensions right, and that’s why we’ll work with you to hand pick the details too.

We’ve a range of fillings, from super soft to nice and firm, so you can choose the level of support you get as you sit. We also have thousands of beautiful fabrics, and we’re happy to guide you through them until you find something you love.

Once all the decisions have been made, our craftsmen will hand build and upholster your sofa in our workshop. All fabrics are hand cut and pattern-matched; great care is taken when considering the scale and layout of the pattern in relation to the individual piece of furniture. We’ll then arrange a convenient time to deliver it direct to your home.

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