Environmentally Friendly Upholstery

Trent Upholsteries has worked closely with Nottingham Trent Uni over the years supporting and assisting design students and regularly welcoming them to the workshops and on placements.

Please take a look at our new dedicated environmentally friendly upholstery website: EcoSofa. We'd love to hear from you with any questions you may have.

Our experience of over 50 years working on various types and styles of upholstery gives Trent Upholsteries a wealth of knowledge regarding furniture construction and has enabled the development of a quality product at a competitive price.

There are examples of environmentally friendly furniture on the market but they tend to be prohibitively expensive. The first step was to produce sustainable frames and our new range has been designed using CAD CAM software giving maximum strength and minimum waste.

The frames are prepared using black and white jute webbing and hessian canvass. We apply a mixture of paddings and are able to source natural, sustainable products including horsehair, coir fibre, latex rubber, layered flock and wool.

Our cushions are likewise sustainable and are unique. As far as we are aware, the only natural fillings available are feather mixtures or with latex rubber; we have developed a coil sprung cushion with a mesh top that is padded with flock, latex rubber, horsehair and wool.

Similar cushions were around in the 1950s and earlier but disappeared with the appearance of foam. We have also produced a cushion with latex, horsehair and feathers that gives a seat or back cushion that doesn’t sag in the way that natural feathers do and are also able to provide pure wool filled cushions.

All our environmentally friendly designs can accommodate personalised seat heights and lengths, with removable arms for easy access, and can be manufactured using a fabric from our extensive range or in a fabric supplied by the customer. This is a novel and ambitious approach to sustainability from a local firm, focussing on giving our customers a quality, lifetime product.

We have recently completed refurbishment of 23 chairs at the Nottingham Theatre Royal using natural fillings

We were invited by Nottingham Trent University to take an active part in helping to produce environmentally friendly upholstery and are delighted to announce that after many months of sourcing products and conducting trials TU were able to disply two models at their 2011 Open Day.